Market Entry Matchmaking

Includes quick scan, matchmaking, advice on market/sector approach, trade missions, and more.

Business Support Services
  • Find Local Business Partners
  • Export-Import Advice & Facilitation
  • Training & Skills development
  • Immigration (visa)
  • Project Finance
  • Sustainability
  • Starting up your locally Branch
  • Recruitment (HR)
  • Incentive & business travel  
Marketing & Sales Support

Increase your footprint in Southern Africa with fewer resources.

Marketing support; SANEC is able to communicate your relevant press releases, promotion of your products, services, organizations or special business deals within the SANEC Business Community.

Programme Cluster Management

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We bundle the strengths of organizations in certain sectors of the SANEC Network to ensure the biggest chance of success in obtaining projects. 

  • Port Development & Transport Corridors (Port & Corridor)
  • Airports Development Initiative Southern Africa (ADISA)
  • Netherlands Agro Food & Technology Center Southern Africa (NAFTC)
  • Rural Innovation Network (NIT)
Trade & Investment Promotion

We help you to navigate the Dutch and SADC markets. We provide information on how to tailor the activities to the specific market with respect to the dynamics of the sector targeted. We promote your business, region or product in a foreign country and guide you on how to find future clients and/or investors.

Corporate Events & Networking

SANEC hosts vibrant and informative networking opportunities. Members are introduced to each other and meet – online and offline – to exchange ideas and experiences and sustain mutually beneficial business relationships.

Experts are often invited to highlight developments in their specific field and keep members up to date on industry current affairs including economic, tax, legal, technical and trade issues.

As soon as we receive your application, we’ll make contact for a personal introduction to discuss your needs, vision and specific objectives. We look forward to welcoming you into our community.


For a virtual meeting to chat about what’s most important for you right now so that we can explore your needs and make suggestions, please make contact here

Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SANEC for emea). A private Business Chamber championing the interests of the business communities in The Netherlands and Southern Africa. We function as the Business Hub for companies, organisations, entrepreneurs, institutions, foundations and local and national government - to connect and do business in a sustainable way. Based in the Hague, SANEC’s endeavours contribute to sustainable (socio) economic growth and local economic development between Southern Africa and the Benelux, with The Netherlands as the gateway.