Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SANEC for emea). A private Business Chamber championing the interests of the business communities in The Netherlands and Southern Africa. We function as the Business Hub for companies, organisations, entrepreneurs, institutions, foundations and local and national government - to connect and do business in a sustainable way. Based in the Hague, SANEC’s endeavours contribute to sustainable (socio) economic growth and local economic development between Southern Africa and the Benelux, with The Netherlands as the gateway.


Coaching March, April, May 2021

DIGITAL EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMS Bookings for March closed. Bookings for April a few spots available. Bookings for May now open.

Leadership skills to take your stakeholders on the digitisation journey. Unlock your best potential to make a game-changing difference. Build gravitas for your people to hear and support you. Sustain change and have it reflect in your culture. Details here


9 June 2021

Everything you’ve always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about Smart data, Blockchain and Green Automation.

Agriculture, Agro-processing, the Green Economy. High level introduction: applications, benefits and limitations; specific use-cases with a focus on sustainability. Learn the fundamental building blocks.  Details here