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June 2021

Digital Executive Coaching Programs

Why? Digitization is accelerating at rapid pace. You know that time is of the essence. You need to ride this wave and embrace this change to stay relevant, but how to take your people on the journey?

Leadership skills to take your stakeholders on the digitisation journey

Who should do this and why now?

  • You’re a Functional Leader (HR, Finance, Operations etc) and you’re looking to push the boundaries on digital transformation.
  • You’re a Digital Leader outlining your journey and you’re looking to influence change.
  • You’re a Transformation Leader and you’re in the process of sharpening your strategy.
  • You’re a New Leader looking to hone your skills for taking your people on their digitisation journey.
  • You’re a Leader refreshing your digital strategy as you face new challenges; impact not realised, not going at the expected pace or direction.

What will we explore?

  • How to define success and unlock your best potential to make a game-changing difference.
  • How to build the gravitas for people to hear and support you. How to build buy-in and support at the right levels and influence change.
  • How to navigate through all the information available to fast-track decisions.
  • How to effectively communicate your case to a variety of internal and external stakeholders at various levels.
  • How to sustain change and have it reflect in your culture.

How does it work?

  • 1-on-1 Sessions – Individual. For a leader / executive. Custom / high focus and attention on the individual.
  • Cohort Sessions – Groups of 3-5. For cross functional teams or leaders with similar situations. Significantly reduced costs, benefits of peer learning and rich experience.
  • Teams Sessions – Groups of 6-8. For high performance teams with a united vision. Accelerated team alignment and impact.

What will you leave with?

  • A deeper understanding of your best self and your stakeholders.
  • Practical insights and tools to accelerate your digitization agenda.

FEE (each per participant)

1-on-1 session
1-on-1 program
Cohort session (group of 3-5)
Cohort program (group of 3-5)
Team session (group of 6-8)
Team session program (group of 6-8)


€ 139
€ 99



Boost your leadership skills to take your stakeholders on the digitization journey. Jumpstart and unlock your best potential to make a game-changing difference. Build gravitas for your people to hear and support you. Sustain change and have it reflect in your culture.

1 FREE Session. Get acquainted and explore your needs (45 min)

Plus 8 coaching sessions (75min/sessions, 1 per week)
Plus 2 FREE Flex sessions on topics of your choice (45 min/sessions)

1 – 30 March 2021

Match-making March

Life Changing Digital Internships for Young Techies

The SANEC Smart Tech Desk Digital Internship Programme launched in December 2020, offers 6-week virtual internships. Young South African and Dutch techies are paired with host companies in the Netherlands and South Africa to gain knowledge and work experience in the new country. Our first Match-making March starts on 1st March. A SANEC for emea / Nuffic Neso initiative.

Venue: Smart Tech Virtual Rooms by invitation
Time: As per invitation
Cost: Members – €100 per intern    Non-members – €990 per intern

23, 25, 30 March 2021

Tech for Good Training: Featuring Blockchain & Smart Data

Everything you’ve always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about Smart data, Blockchain and Green Automation.

Agriculture, Agro-processing, the Green Economy. High level introduction: applications, benefits and limitations; specific use-cases with a focus on sustainability.

Learn the fundamental building blocks:

data gathering, measurement and recording
validation, verification and storage
insights, prediction and vulnerability analysis
tokenization and trade

Get practical insights from real world case studies:

Crop analysis and insurance
Quality and source certification
Process automation and vulnerability analysis
Smart water and energy networks
Energy prosumer models
Carbon tracing and offsetting

Participate; highlight your interest in specific use-cases and technology applications. Get preferential entry into further deep dive workshops and training based on your area of interest.

Duration: 90min

Please indicate your interest when registering.
Agriculture & Agro-processing
Green economy

Venue: Smart Tech Virtual Room
Time: Tue 23 March @ 14:00-15:30 CET; Thurs 25 March @ 10:00-11:30 CET; Tues 30 March @ 11:00-12:30
Cost: Members – €49    Non-members – €99