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You need to solve operational problems without having to start from scratch. You know digital is key, but you don’t know where to start and tech speak leaves you cold. And you need to move fast – no time (or budget) for beginner mistakes.

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Our simplified digital tools and expertise allows you to stretch further, adapt faster and work smarter. We guide you to the right tools and match you with the expertise you need – process and system improvements, team reskilling for the digital age, and solutions to common operational problems.

Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SANEC for emea). A private Business Chamber championing the interests of the business communities in The Netherlands and Southern Africa. We function as the Business Hub for companies, organisations, entrepreneurs, institutions, foundations and local and national government - to connect and do business in a sustainable way. Based in the Hague, SANEC’s endeavours contribute to sustainable (socio) economic growth and local economic development between Southern Africa and the Benelux, with The Netherlands as the gateway.